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Birth By Design is a DONA certified doula in Rapid City and Spearfish

About Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick DONA certified doula. I serve Rapid City, Spearfish and Gillette as a doula.

Jennifer McCormick cd(dona)

Just a little about me, (or a lot)
I am a homemaker and a homeschooler. I married my best friend Michael in 1997. We have 5 amazing children who all had very different births. I have run the gambit of labor and deliveries which has lead me to this journey of helping empower women in their birth experience. In 2014 I started my own business Birth By Design Doula Services.

Pregnancy and Maternity support are very important to the success of a healthy labor and delivery.

Why I Became a doula

If you read about my births below you will understand how I came to my decision to become a doula.

I know I have shared a lot and still there is so much more to each story. After following the "traditional birth checklist" twice at the hospital, and not getting the births that I wanted,  I chose to change my environment and my way of thinking. In May of 2014, I decided to pursue training with DONA International and now I am a DONA certified doula. You don't  have to have a homebirth or a birth center birth to get what you want. You can have an amazing Labor and Delivery in any setting. I am happy to provide doula service in Northern South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming. As a doula I have helped support women in amazing home and hospital births.

I believe life begins at conception, and my care and service reflects life, the sanctity of life.

A Heart for Birth

Talk to me Jennifer McCormick for 5 minutes and you will know I am passionate about birth and breastfeeding and helping you know the support that you need. A Doula makes an invaluable addition to your support team. Whether you are  using a Doctor at the hospital or a homebirth midwife, I welcome the opportunity to sit down and visit with you about the benefits of doula support. I will help your support person know how to help you,  I will help you transition into becoming a mom, or support you through the journey of adoption. As an expectant mother you want to have every resource in your hands to have the birth that is best for you and your baby.

My Personal Birth Experiences



A) is our first born and first baby girl.

​This was our first experience in L & D. I delivered with a hospital midwife, got an IV antibiotic for Group B Strep, 2 shots of Pitocin to speed things up, 2 shots of Nubian to calm things down.  I delivered with my feet in stirrups. In the end we had a beautiful baby girl who had the meconium and was whisked to the nursery, I finally got to hold her 2 hours later. Breastfeeding was a struggle.I



(EZ) is our second born and first boy.​

Two years later we had EZ, same hospital, same midwife, different birth. I was induced a week early with 5 bags of Pitocin and 1 shot of Nubian. I was again given  IV antibiotic for the Group B Strep that I did not have, and yes delivered in stirrups. (I didn't know there was any other way to deliver, nor was I given any other option). I delivered a healthy baby boy, and  went home to find that I had Thrush from the antibiotic that I did not need, and again struggled with breastfeeding.



(AP) is our third born, and second baby girl. AP was born 4 years later. This time I had done a lot more research. I did not have a desire  to be hooked up to medicines that I did not need, or lay in bed to deliver. We lived in Nebraska and my research lead me to Wyoming where we traveled an hour and a half in labor to deliver with a homebirth midwife in a motel room. ( I did not added that for shock factor but so that you see my absolute desire to have the birth I wanted). I walked, sat on the birth ball, took baths and delivered a healthy baby girl naturally with no medications.​ Breastfeeding was getting better but still a struggle.



(R) is our fourth born and second boy.

When I told my husband 3 years later that I was expecting again, we chose not to use the same midwife. After a 6 week search to find a midwife.  I found her, a Colorado midwife named Carrie. This time was different however, Carrie came to Nebraska to deliver our son. I hired my friend, Nikki as my Doula. With this labor I sat on a birth ball, ate, walked around, rested, and delivered (R) in a squatting position. My water broke as he was delivered. I was unmedicated and felt amazing. (R) was my best labor and delivery. He was a great nurser, but I still struggled at times. 



(V) is our fifth born and third boy.

Well we were done, that is until 4 years later when I got pregnant again. We had moved to South Dakota and Carrie (my midwife for (R), now lived in Idaho. I was again on the hunt for a midwife. I found the Black Hills Birth Center. The day I went into labor we drove 45 minutes to the birth center, here I got my natural water birth. The experience was amazing and (V's) birth was a close second to (R's). It was during my visits that my midwife encouraged me to becoming a labor doula. Breastfeeding was much better this time around, but I still feel that more support would have helped me earlier on.

Children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

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