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Birth By Design is a DONA certified doula in Rapid City and Spearfish

I am a doula in Spearfish and offer flexibly scheduled Childbirth Education Classes in Spearfish.


Kara Azavedo

"I had a wonderful experience with Jennifer as our doula. She spent time visiting with me, I appreciated her checking in on me, and following up on any appointments with the midwife. She was always available when I needed anything. I had a very quick birth, with very little notice (on a holiday), and she was still at the birth center right away. During labor she provided wonderful back massage to help with pain, and offered encouraging words. Post-labor, she helped to support me and my husband by providing anything we needed. Her follow-up visits to check on me and baby were very nice, and almost six months later, she still periodically checks in on us. She has become a friend, and I would definitely recommend her as a doula. She genuinely cares about her clients, and it shows"

Aaron & Alicia Christensen

"Jennifer McCormick is an absolutely outstanding doula!  We could not be happier with our experience with her.  It is because of her support and education that I was empowered to have a very positive birth experience. I am fairly sensitive to pain and was pretty intimidated by the child birth event. Jennifer spent time getting to know us very personally and also offered some great child birth classes that gave many tools to help work through the pain in natural ways. By the last class, I was surprised to find I was actually anticipating getting to use those tools!

   During the actual event, Jennifer was a wonderful, calming presence for my husband and I. The nurses only come for brief checks during the labor but Jennifer was there for the entire time. I know my husband is extremely grateful that he didn’t have to be my sole support for my entire labor all night.  She supported us through the start of breastfeeding and was willing to help out with tips and advice long after the baby was born. Aaron and I agree that we will use her again if we are blessed with another pregnancy."

Ashley Pray:

My testimony "I am so grateful for Jennifer and the pregnancy care she provided for me and my family. I highly recommend any women giving birth to get a doula. Here are just a few ways in which I experienced Jennifer's birth services in Rapid City .

1. I got to reflect with another experienced women (who had birthed 5 children naturally!) on my goals and hopes for my own labor and delivery.  I was also able to discuss my fears and try and get to a place where I was ready and open for my own experience beyond fear.

2. During my labor I had another women (Jennifer) there who knew what I was going thru and lead me thru, moment by moment, one contraction at a time.  I didn't have to depend solely on my husband to provide me all the support, instead I relied on my own bodies inner wisdom and on another experienced woman who gave me new thoughts to think for encouragement, new positions for my body, and new perspectives when I was feeling the most exhausted.

3. Jennifer was there for me for over 24 hours in labor.  When my baby finally introduced himself to this world, Jennifer had become not just my doula but a trusted friend- there to help me welcome my son. Her service to us was so appreciated, I am forever grateful."

Teresa Daiss and Nik Towne

"Jennifer was such a blessing to have at the calm, wonderful home birth of our son, Viktor.  Jennifer assisted our Midwife, Luanne Uriel, during the five hour labor.  She helped make Teresa comfortable and seemed to know what she needed before Teresa even said anything.  The birth was very smooth and Jennifer was such a help.  She assisted after the birth with ensuring Teresa and Viktor were comfortable and

nursing.  She helped cook a meal and clean up as well.  She checked in with us often when Viktor was just a newborn to see that all was well.  We highly recommend Jennifer to anyone about to become parents."

Emily Clapp

"Jenny was awesome in helping me thru delivery with my second baby. She had great tips for managing pain and made the process seem so easy! I HIGHLY recommend her services if you're looking for a Doula!"

Baronica Duarte

"Working with Jenny was a wonderful experience. Jenny is compassionate and a very good listener. She puts her whole heart into being a doula. She helped me and my husband to be advocates for ourselves. every step of our pregnancy and delivery Jenny what's available and there when we needed her."


Maria Thouron

"As a first-time mom planning a home birth, I wanted a doula mostly so that I would have as many people as possible at my birth who actually knew what was going on! Jennifer was fantastic in that regard. Having birthed five children herself, with a range of experiences, she was able to give me the reassurance and confidence I needed to approach childbirth with courage. When the homebirth ceased to be an option (because little girl entered the birth canal facing my hip), she traveled with us to the hospital, and stayed until our daughter was born, lending peace of mind through her familiarity with the maternity ward and its practices. I never received pain medication, and she spent hours trading off with my husband to keep pressure on my back. (If you have back labor, this is very, very necessary!) Most importantly, after 17 hours of labor she assured me I had the strength to keep trying for the natural birth I wanted when I was so exhausted I thought it was time for a C-section. I am forever grateful for encouragement (and strong arms!) during the most exhausting but wonderful day of my life."

Jenna Ellsbury

"Jennifer was amazing!  I was very nervous when I was pregnant with my first baby.  I was told that there may be a 1 in 7 chances of having my doctor present for the birth.  With my luck I figured it would be an on-call doctor that I never met before.  We decided to talk to Jennifer, so we could have a familiar face in the room.  She was exactly what we needed!  She met with me beforehand, so I was completely comfortable.  When I went in labor she was available as soon as we needed her.  She set the whole mood of the delivery room.  It changed from cold, chaotic, and sterile to a comfortable calm room.  When the staff saw a doula in the room they knew I was focused on having a baby naturally.  The hospital staff was calmer, sincerer, and engaged after she arrived.

I was able to have a completely natural birth.  I felt in control during the birthing processes.  She encouraged us the whole time.   She brought a few amazing tools and techniques to make the whole process amazing.  A few of my favorite that I would never had thought of was an oil diffuser with my favorite scent, tennis balls for back labor, and my absolute favorite the rebozo.

My husband, who was opposed of the idea of a doula initially, has now recommend a doula to all his friends.  Jennifer offered great pain relief suggestions that involved my husband.  With her instructions, he was able to be very proactive and hands on when I was in active labor.  Because he knew what to do and when to do it, the whole birth was very intimate. As an added surprise, she took some tasteful photos in the delivery room.  There were amazing photos of us as a couple and as a new family. My favorite photo is one of my teary-eyed husband looking down at me and our new baby girl.  In the moment, I was unaware of his tears or facial expressions.  I will always cherish that photo.  The photos alone were worth the cost of having a doula.

Looking back, I loved the whole experience and would not change a thing.  All my friends have crazy chaotic birthing stories with clueless spouses feeling left out or hurt.  I can’t participate in any of their conversations because I can’t relate because mine was so perfect.   I am so proud of my all-natural birth.  Jennifer has become a personal close friend that is always quick to answer any questions we may have.  We strongly encourage anyone who is having a baby to call Jennifer.  She is amazing!"

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